5 Men’s Wedding Suit Ideas for 2022

5 Men's Wedding Suit Ideas for 2022

Bell bottom suits are gone for good. In 2022, you can look for a classic style from the early 1900s. The timeless style is perfect for a romantic wedding or formal ballroom nuptial. If you’re having a swanky affair, you should opt for a suit that features a shawl collar and cuff. Vintage bell-bottom suits are a thing of the past.

Slim-fit suits:

A slim-fit men’s wedding suit remains a popular choice for grooms. This year, tailor-made suits will be most popular. Slim-fit suits are snug but comfortable, and taper at the waist and ankle. This results in a classic, sharp look. Whether your wedding is held at a mansion or a country house, slim-fit suits are the way.

Linen suits:

If you’re looking for a great value suit that will be perfect for a spring wedding, linen is a fantastic material. Suitsupply makes a wide range of linen suits, including their slim double-breasted style that features a subtle herringbone pattern. For less than half the price of other brands, you can get a linen suit from a reputed shop. Be sure to leave some room in your budget for alterations.

Tweed suits:

If you’re planning to wear a tweed suit to your wedding in 2022, you need to consider a few things. Generally, tweed suits are more appropriate for weddings in the fall and winter. They’ll keep you warm without overheating you. And if you’re having a wedding in the summer, you can still wear tweed without sacrificing style.

Velvet jackets:

Velvet jackets will replace the traditional sportcoat. The trend is not as extreme as a suit but is still stylish. Some designers recommend dark shades of chocolate or charcoal. Men’s wedding suits in 2022 will fit grooms with different body parameters. They are much more elegant than previous models, and they can be easily removed after the event. You can even wear a roll neck under the velvet jacket.

Colorful suits:

Men will look elegant and stylish with bright and playful color suits. Shades of green, red, pink, and mint are all popular choices. Juicy accents can be created with accessories, such as a bright pair of shoes, a jacket in a unique pattern, or a plaid vest. A monochrome suit can be dressed up with an original print if the color palette is too much.