5 Steps to write a Will in the UAE?

5 Steps to write a Will in the UAE?

There are many expats living in the UAE that are always looking for legal services that could assist them in making a will in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE.

It’s essential for the expats that have assets in the country to transfer all their assets to the intended family members after their death considering the laws of the UAE so that their spouse and children could have a secure future.

The DIFC Wills allows you to mention the names of the specific beneficiaries and provides proper instructions about making a will in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE.

That’s why we have come up with a basic list of 5 steps to write a will in the UAE so people could understand how the process works in the country and have a step-wise guide to help them with making a will.

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1. Gather all the information

First of all, gather all the information to incorporate it while making a will. The information includes choosing the intended beneficiaries that are the deserving candidates to receive your property in the future. They could be your family members such as your children, spouse, and relatives like siblings, parents or grandparents.

2. Hire an Executor

Hiring an executor will enable you to choose a trust-worthy person that will carry out your wishes after your death. The person will also act as a personal representative in handling all our estate matters such as clearing off all the debts and taxes from your estate under the specific laws of the state.

3. Ensure to pay all the debts and taxes

It’s also essential that you make sure about paying all the related debts, expenses, and taxes from your estate to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

4. Hire a guardian

According to the laws of the UAE, if your children are below 21 years of age, you’ll need to hire a guardian for them. The DIFC will and probate registry allows one or two guardians to take care of the minor children if one or both of the parents pass away. However, it’s up to the court to take the decision of obtaining custody of the children after the death of both the parents.

5. Absence of the will

In case if you don’t make a will and any unfavorable situation occurs, the court has the right to assign a legal representative that will distribute your estate and clear all the taxes and debts under the given laws of the UAE.